A fit fix


Smoothie Spot is a very popular start up located in Miami, FL. In the pursuit to reach higher value and public recognition, Smoothie Spot hired us to update their brand, redesign their expanded menu and create a more visually energetic experience.

In an over-saturated market, Smoothie Spot didn’t stand out from the competition even though they showed phenomenal potential and great products.

In order to create a more unique experience for this family-run business that centralizes on delivering fresh and healthy food options. We needed to identity who was their primary audience and how were they different from others.

After 2 weeks making surveys, talking to repeated guests, locals and stalking out the competition. We got to the bottom of what the home-made healthy food provider was really known for.

“Healthy fast food”

With this in mind, we developed a visual identity system that adapts well with current urban styles and allusive theme.

The menu layout was styled and directed to look and feel like a typical urban industrial joint. It gives further emphasis to Smoothie Spot’s pursuit for authenticity and quality.

The visual identity system was well taken by the community so it was taken up up a notch by branding their food truck and other promotional items.

Social media content is the finishing touch that ties it all together, with language that feels accomplished and fresh, yet relational and people-centric.

With the launch of the new brand, we helped Smoothie Spot develop their partnership with other investors and long-standing clients to ease through the expansion of the business to 3 stores around South Florida.