Bury your doubts


The Fat Funeral provides an unforgettable experience enhancing and nourishing minds, empowering souls, and building the foundation required to achieve physical goals.

“Motivation gets started.

Habits keeps you going.”


Five years ago, Chandra Cardelli started her mission helping friends and clients overcoming incredible obstacles to fulfill almost unobtainable goals.

Ever since, the seed was sewn and the desire to achieve her own goals began to grow. She wanted to be the best version of herself.

So we decided to create an image that resonates with her beliefs.  

We helped her find a central point. We started by analyzing different ideas behind peoples lack of motivation and the end result could not have been better. We came up with a call to action that represents The Fat Funeral ultimate desire. 

Along with the call to action. We developed a series of quotes to go with each service provided.

We had to spice things up  by creating a teaser video to build an expectative for the upcoming brand.