The best kept beauty secret


Cliove Organics is new hair care experience looking to position itself as one of the top industry quality paraben-free, sulfate free and color safe hair care products. They asked us to develop their brand identity from package design to web design. We had the opportunity to develop every detail of the brand as we enjoyed watching this brand blossom as it did.

An outgoing, well-respected hair stylist and beauty team brought us a unique challenge: to envision and express a new hair care brand.

Cliove, a new hair care experience with Mediterranean roots & South Floridian vibes. One that provides true hair renewal and a rich organic olive oil formula.  

We audited the industry, reviewed successful brands, looked for ways to connect beauty and nature in the most sophisticated ways, maintaining the word “authentic” always in mind. 

Once all the ideas were gathered and analyzed, we knew we were ready for the next phase: Identity.  

It needed to feel experienced while expressing nature and elegance.

From the plant design flourished a bold “O.” A symbol that would grow into the word “cliove” to be a great fit to the identity of the brand.

The identity system flourishes with organic textures and traditional accents. Elegant yet neutral tones simulate Cliove’s Mediterranean roots.

To truly uplift and refine the brand, we wanted to show with the package design an effortless experience that feels laid-back and old-school.